About Us

Geostrategy as a term was first used in the English language in 1942. It was adopted from the German term “Wehrgeopolitik”, which loosely translates as either ‘security’ or ‘defense politics’. The term came to be used to describe the exercise of power over specific areas of the world. The geostrategy of today must adapt to produce a holistic view of world trends, current events, and global perspectives. New Century Geostrategist (NCG) seeks to promote views representing a wide variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences to approach the evolving geostrategic landscape.

NCG seeks to provide original content and analysis of global trends to both career professionals and strategic newcomers on the things that will and do shape the new century. Our contributors include established and rising professionals in a variety of fields. This serves to enhance our understanding of what geostrategy means in an interconnected world. NCG values creative solutions, interdisciplinary thinking, and a balance of perspectives. We hope you’ll join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates on what today’s Geostrategists are saying.

– The Editors