What is Russia’s East Asian Arctic Strategy?

John-Daniel Kelley

The Kremlin’s Arctic strategy is far less confrontational and aggressive than initially perceived. Russia is leveraging its expertise in the region to foster better relations with East Asian states, as part of its own pivot to Asia. Over the last few years,…

America’s Alliance Edge in Asia

Michael Green

The US should move in the direction of a multilateral alliance system in the Pacific between its bilateral allies. As China expands its military capabilities and influence, the US and its partners must confront this challenge to regional stability through the strengthening…

Strategic Ambiguity in Cross-Strait Relations

Walter S. Boone

  The US needs to take a firmer stance on Cross-Strait relations if peace is to be maintained in the region. The growing military ability of the People‚Äôs Republic of China, in addition to a stronger sense of Taiwanese national identity are…