The Real Reason Sweden Brought Back the Draft

Albin Aronsson and Blake Franko

The Swedish government has had conscription lying dormant since 2010 and finally feels the need to once again press the nation’s youth into service. While this may be construed as part of Stockholm’s desire to show its commitment to Baltic security, the…

Book Review: @War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex

Albin Aronsson

Shane Harris, @War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex (Eamon Dolan/Mariner Books, 2015), 288 pp., $15.95. The fifth domain is here. The Pentagon recently added it to the other four domains of warfare, but cyber has been around for quite some time….

The NATO-Russia Exercise Gap… Then, Now, & 2017

Ian Brzezinski and Nicholas Varangis

Military exercises are a critical means of testing, refining and demonstrating readiness for combat operations. In February 2015, we published a chart comparing the magnitudes of military exercises conducted by NATO and Russia. The contrast was jarring, with Russian exercises dwarfing those of…

Is Europe Losing Its Military Advantage?

Albin Aronsson

Military technological innovation and diffusion has increased steadily in recent years. While Europe and the West have historically enjoyed superiority in military capability and technology, their advantage has started to decrease. Russia and China have consistently increased their Research and Development (R&D)…