The Lasting Impact of the AK-47

Blake Franko

A few days ago, fighters from the Free Syrian Army ran American special-operations forces out of a town near the Turkish border, hurling insults like “infidels,” “crusaders,” “dogs” and “pigs.” These fighters, who are actively benefiting from U.S. support, brandished the most…

Implications for Russia’s Syria Withdrawal

John-Daniel Kelley

The announcement of a withdrawal of most of the Russian military forces in Syria likely indicates the Kremlin’s willingness for a political solution to the conflict.  The US and its allies should use the resumption of the peace talks in Geneva to ensure Russian…

A Strategy for the Chemical Weapons Convention

Gabrielle Tarini

The continued use of chemical weapons by state and non-state actors in the Middle East has weakened the norm against their use and threatens to undermine the utility of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). For the CWC to remain a useful arms…